5Star Life Online Contracting Instructions

Thank you for your interest in becoming appointed with 5Star Life Insurance Company. 

To begin the appointment process, please see the instructions below.





Paper Work


Click on the Compensation Addendum and AOBG Hierarchy Form link below. 

Complete and return with a COPY OF YOUR LICENSE and E&O. 
Compensation Addendum &  Hierachy Form

Email to ed@ndinsmail.com or

fax to: 888-361-2634





5Star Life

Online Appointment




A. Visit the online appointment portal at:  5Star Online Appointment

B. Enter your Name, Social Security # (not agency Tax ID number*)

C. Create a  password

D. Enter package code: LDJNOCOMP

E. Click "Logon To nomoreforms" to complete the agent agreement and other appointment forms.